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Derale Engine Oil Coolers D15502 Review

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Derale Tube-Fin Engine Cooler Kit w/Sandwich Adapter (Multip by Derale (Engine Oil Coolers)

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Today, we're going to review part number D15502.  This is the Derale tube fin engine oil cooler kit with the sandwich adapter. This part will include everything shown here on the table.  It includes this tube and fin oil cooler.  It included the sandwich adapter with the o-ring.  It includes 10 feet of high-temperature, high-pressure rubber hose with the stainless steel clamps.  It includes the 2 hose barb fittings, the zip ties. 

 It also includes this bag of mounting rods with the foam pads and clips.  This is what will allow you to attach this to either your air conditioning condenser or your radiator on your vehicle.  It'll also have these multiple sleeve nuts.  These sleeve nuts will ensure you get the proper thread size when you install the sandwich adapter to your vehicle. This tube fin cooler will effectively cool a variety of automotive systems.  The fluid cools as it travels through this core by transferring the heat out to the fins right here. 

 These fins then provide the surface area necessary for the sufficient heat exchange to take place, allows the heat to be pulled from the fluid to dissipate into the surrounding air. This cooler can reduce your oil temperature by as much as 50 degrees.  The result is you get longer lasting oil, better functioning engine, and lots of time even less oil changes. The sandwich adapter will screw on in place of .  You take your spin-on oil filter off, put this in, and then put your filter on the bottom of this.  This will provide the external oil lines, which are necessary to install a cooler without requiring you to move the factory spin-on oil filter.  It makes it easier to extend the life of your vehicle's engine. In addition, on the sandwich adapter on the very bottom as you can see right here, there is a thermostatic bypass feature, and this will allow the oil, which is cooler than 180 degrees, to bypass this heat exchanger. 

 No reason to cool it if it's already cool.  This will allow you engine to warm up faster. Basically, these multiple sleeve nuts here that I have, you can see they have different color dots because they're all different threads.  Basically what you would do, you would take off your oil filter on your car and spin it off, and then, you'll put this in between your oil filter and your car. Basically, this oil ring would seal it up against the car.  What you do is find the correct thread of these sleeve nuts that'll fit your vehicle, and then, what you'll do is go ahead and push this up against where your oil filter came off, put this on with the threads right here, you'll tighten it down to hold the sandwich adapter into place, and then, your oil filter would just screw onto this.  Then, you would run your hose lines using these barbs right out of here, the cooler lines. Basically, the heat exchanger right here ... 

 I'll give you some dimensions on it.  The overall width from very end to very end is going to be about 16-5/8".  The height on it is going to be about 7-5/8".  The depth of it is going to be right at 3/4".  Now, the distance between these inlets right here, .  You can use either one as an inlet or an outlet.  It doesn't matter.  The distance between those center to center is going to be right at 6-1/4".  Just the core itself, if you want to know the width of just the core, is going to be 13-7/8". This sandwich adapter right here, it does add about a thickness of about 1-3/4".  You do want to make sure you'll have room so your oil filter will move down about 1-3/4".  You want to make sure you have clearance for that. Now, it does fit vehicles with an engine-block oil filter landing.  Another words, the diameter is 2-3/4", and that pretty much is about 60% of the vehicles out there. On these multiple sleeve nuts, it does include all 5 of these, and they'll give you a range of 3/4" x 16-thread, 13/16" x 16,
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